The Traveler's Book List

The Traveler's Book List


As any librarian would do I spent nine months before my trip abroad reading all I could about French culture, cooking, a little bit of French fiction and tons of traveler suggestion books. I prefer a little adventure, not to say that tourists things are not fun but take me down the road unknown. Take me to the 17 arrondissement and tell me about the obscure histories all around the city. Traveling to Paris anytime soon? I promise these are your best traveling companions.  

500 Hidden Secrets of Paris

Books, Baguettes and Bedbugs

The Bonjour Effect

Bright Lights Paris

How to be Parisian

The Hunt

Markets of Paris

Mastering the Art of French Eating

Parisian Chic

Parisienne French

The Paris Apartment

Paris Street Style

The Paris Style Guide

Shakespeare and Co

We'll Always have Paris

Self Care Friday

Self Care Friday

Kid's Lit

Kid's Lit