Conversations #1: True-Crime Podcasts

Conversations #1: True-Crime Podcasts

So we are starting a new segment for the podcast called "Conversations." These episodes will feature various topics, whether it's podcasts, current issues, other books we're reading and much much more. We may not all be in the episode together and we might even have special guests!

For our first one, Sarah and I talk about some of our favorite and newly discovered true-crime podcasts. This one got a little bit away from us but only because we could talk podcasts for hours. That's no joke you guys. But we promise in the future to try and keep these to 30-40 minutes.

As promised in the episode, here are all the podcasts we talked about if you want to check them out. If you like true crime stories, then you definitely should. Apologies in advance for probably getting some things wrong or pronouncing names wrong. We'll do better about our research next time, work and life kept us pretty busy this week so our research slacked a little bit.

If you want to sip on the wine we were drinking during the episode:

19 Crimes

Serial Season One

Someone Knows Something


My Favorite Murder

Wine & Crime

Sword & Scale

48 Hours


And That's Why We Drink

Collyer Brothers:

Wikipedia page

The Paper Chase - Franz Lidz

Read all about famous reclusive hoarders the Collyer Brothers

The Lineup

Belle Gunness

Sword & Scale: Episode 3

Lore: Episode 27


Josef Fritzl:


And That's Why Drink: Episode 14

Who is Josef Fritzel

(Sarah made reference to the book



if you haven't heard of it now you have


See you in the stacks!


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